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In dr.CAFE®, we are proud of our strategic partnerships with all providers of coffee products and services in various sectors and activities such as hospitality, hotels, restaurants, and cafes from local to international levels.

We starting our mission since decades by considerate in quality in all manufacturing, levels starting from harvest the beans until you enjoy in your cup. We've roasted our own coffee from Day 1 and have perfected the art of roasting since 1997.

We are also glad to provide orders in large quantities regardless of your business activities.

As part of dr.CAFE® unique and distinctive approach to support you in achieving business growth, We can help you custom build the perfect coffee program, we are offering professional services such as training, technical support, and consultancy to assist you in keeping pace with the technologies and challenges in the coffee industry in accordance with the highest international standards in this field.

For any related inquiries on wholesales quantities and prices and services please feel free to contact our sales team and we shall be happy to serve you better....

For Bulk Order inquiries, please feel free to contact on : +966581570462